Portable VLF Testing & Cable Fault Location Series AXFV

Portable VLF Testing & Cable Fault Location Series AXFV

The Amperis Company has taken the worlds #1 Arc Reflection Cable Fault Locating System, and combined it with the latest in VLF Cable Testing Technology to create the new AXFV Series! The AXFV has the easy to use cable fault locating you have come to rely on, and has seamlessly integrated menu driven VLF Hipot Testing.

The Amperis AXFV Series of Combination VLF test and Cable Fault Locating equipment is designed to meet all of your needs for VLF testing of underground cables and cable fault location. VLF has been recognized as an alternative test method to the traditional high voltage DC hipot test. VLF is designed to provide similar stresses to a 50/60 Hz AC test, without the extremely high power and equipment requirements of such a test.

VLF is specified as a 0.1 Hz or slower sinusoidal wave shape. At 0.1 Hz, every cycle takes 10 seconds. The XV series will apply the voltage with a microprocessor controlled power supply, which will raise the voltage in the shape of a sinusoid in the first quarter cycle. The system will then discharge the cable with a microprocessor controlled, fully variable discharge system. At the zero crossing the system reverses polarity, and repeats the processes. Our fully variable discharge system allows us to reduce power consumption, and maintain a true sinusoid without distortion across the full range of loads.

Can also be mounted in a vehicle in such a way as to allow them to be removed to access test sites that cannot be accessed by vehicle. Portable systems are designed in one piece with an integrated hand truck. This allows one person to easily move the entire system over rough terrain to access the test location. The system is designed to allow easy loading and unloading from any standard truck. Runners are provided for sliding the unit into small trucks and vans, and a lifting point is provided for taller vehicles such as aerial lift trucks.

Why VLF and a Cable Fault Locator? VLF Hipot testing is quickly becoming the preferred method for cable testing. VLF Hipot testing allows the operator to take those few spots in a cable which are near failure and allow them to fail in a controlled manner, eliminating unplanned customer outages. Once a weak spot is found in the cable, it must be located and repaired. Alternatively, once an in-service failure is located and repaired, you need a way to verify there are no other problems on the cable before reenergizing. Now you have VLF Hipot testing at your fingertips to verify cable integrity!

In 1996 Amperis Arc Reflection systems set the standard for ease of use in cable fault location equipment. This tradition is continued in the AXFV Series. With dual thump capacitors, cable faults can be located faster and at lower voltages than with competing single thump capacitor systems. The AXFV Series also provides higher voltages than competing systems to eliminate the need for unnecessary and damaging burning on extruded dielectric cable faults. For example the AXFV16-28, ideally suited for 15kV (7200V to ground) cable systems, provides up to 16kV of thump voltage, ideal for hard to breakdown splice faults. However, with dual thump capacitors, most faults can be easily found at 8kV or below.

The AXFV series also offers the option for VLF or DC cable burning, as well as DC Hipot testing. Burning of cables faults is widely used in laminated (paper lead) cables, and allows more effective thumping and arc reflection with those cables. Also, it is available for those rare but real faults in extruded cables where a direct discharge from conductor to shield cannot be made without burning.

The AXFV features Amperis’s new EZ-Help system. This system allows easy access to equipment instructions and test values while operating the equipment

Three different models:




Maximum Output Voltage

28kV Peak (20kV RMS)

44kV Peak (31kV RMS)

62kV Peak (44kV RMS)

Maximum VLF Load Capacity

1μF @ 0.1 Hz, 2μF @ 0.05 Hz, 5μF @ 0.02 Hz, 0.01 Hz

Test Frequencies

Selectable 0.1 Hz, 0.05Hz, 0.02 Hz, 0.01 Hz, DC (Additional Frequencies available upon request)

VLF Voltage Shape


Thump Voltage

0-8kV; 0-16kV

0-12.5kV; 0-25kV

0-14kV; 0-28kV

Fault Location Energy

1280 Joules @ 8kV and 16kV

1563 Joules @ 12.5kV and 25kV

1960 Joules @ 14kV and 28kV


VLF and DC Burning Standard

Main Supply

120V AC or 240V AC +/- 10%, 50 or 60 Hz (Operating voltage must be specified at time of purchase). Internal 12V DC Battery and External 12V DC Connector

Duty Cycle



-4° F (-20° C) to 113° F (45° C) Humidity non condensing

kV Metering

Digital kV Meter with real time and peak hold indication

Current Metering

Digital Current and Load Metering. Current metering of resistive leakage current.

HV Output Lead

50’ (15.25m) Shielded Output Lead with MC Connector and a 15’ (4.5m) #2 Ground Cable are standard. Cable Reel Systems, EPR-X-ray Cable HV Leads and Custom Lengths are also Available

HV Connections

Hot Line Clamp, Vise Grip and Elbow Feed Through connections for MC Connector


Fully Automatic Internal Discharge of Voltage


Integrated EZ-Help Online Instructions

Tdr specifications:

v.2 Monochrome Optional

v.4 Color Standard

Auto Analyze

Automatically marks end of cable and fault location and gives distance.


3.5” (8.9cm) x 4.5” (11.4cm) LCD with 320x240 dot matrix – Backlight Visible in Bright Light

10.5" diagonal (243mm x 185.1mm) color TFT LCD –

Backlight Visible in Sun Light


0.5% of the range selected


Nine Memories available. Software is also available for downloading traces to a Laptop

FifteenMemories available. Software is also available for downloading traces to a Laptop

Additional Features


Marking Software

3 phase display, Current Impulse

Method (CIM),


Marking Software


Amperis Transporters provide a safe and easy way to transport XF series cable fault locating equipment or Savor temporary service restoration equipment. With a minimum of user effort the equipment can be moved to any job site with a truck equipped with a receiver hitch.

Control panel Portable VLF Testing & Cable Fault Location Series AXFVPortable VLF Testing & Cable Fault Location Series AXFVManual transporter Portable VLF Testing & Cable Fault Location Series AXFVManual Transporter with Savor

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