Portable VLF (Very Low Frequency) Testing Series AXV

Portable VLF (Very Low Frequency) Testing Series AXV

The AXV Series of VLF test equipment is the latest addition to the AMPERIS family of high voltage test equipment, known worldwide as the most reliable high voltage test equipment available. Our advanced design provides you with a rugged, easy to use system that is easily portable to your test site. Digital menu based controls and an onscreen instruction system make the system easy to operate.

AXV Series equipment is perfect for testing Extruded Cables (XLPR/EPR), Laminated Cables, Cable Jackets/Sheaths, Generators, Switchgear, Transformers, Insulators, Bushings, and Rotating Machines.

The AXV Series of VLF test equipment is designed to meet all of you needs for VLF testing of underground cables. VLF has been recognized by industry as an alternative test method to the traditional high voltage DC hipot test. VLF is designed to provide similar stresses to a 50/60 Hz AC test, without the extremely high power and equipment requirements of such a test.

VLF is specified as a 0.1 Hz or slower sinusoidal wave shape. At 0.1 Hz, every cycle takes 10 seconds. The AXV series will apply the voltage with a microprocessor controlled power supply, which will raise the voltage in the shape of a sinusoid in the first quarter cycle. The system will then discharge the cable with a microprocessor controlled, fully variable discharge system. At the zero crossing the system reverses polarity, and repeats the processes. Our fully variable discharge system allows us to reduce power consumption, and maintain a true sinusoid without distortion across the full range of loads.

The AXV Series is designed to be easily portable, or permanently mounted in a vehicle. Systems can also be mounted in a vehicle in such a way as to allow them to be removed to access test sites that cannot be accessed by vehicle. Portable systems are designed in one piece with an integrated hand trucks. This allows one person to easily move the entire system over rough terrain to access the test location. The system is designed to allow easy loading and unloading from any standard truck. Runners are provided for sliding the unit into small trucks and vans, and a lifting point is provided for taller vehicles such as aerial lift trucks.





Maximum Output Voltage

28kV Peak (20kV RMS)

44kV Peak (31kV RMS)

62kV Peak (44kV RMS)

Output Modes

AC Hipot (VLF) Sinusoidal and load independent. DC Hipot (Negative or Positive Polarity). Burn, Cable Fault Conditioning Mode. Sheath/Jacket Testing

Maximum Load Capacity, VLF

1µF @ 0.1 Hz, Up to 5µF at reduced frequency

1.5µF @ 0.1 Hz, Up to 7.5µF at reduced frequency

1µF @ 0.1 Hz, Up to 5µF at reduced frequency

VLF Test Frequencies

Selectable 0.1 Hz, 0.05Hz, 0.02 Hz, 0.01 Hz (Additional Frequencies available upon request)

Main Supply

120V AC or 240V, 50/60 Hz AC +/- 10% (Operating voltage must be specified at time of purchase)

Duty Cycle



-4° F (-20° C) to 113° F (45° C) Humidity non condensing


Voltage - True RMS and/or Peak, 0.1kV ± 1%. Current – 0.1mA ± 1%

Computer Interface/Memory

USB Port – Unlimited Test Record Storage with USB Drives. No Specialized Software Required, Automatic Storage of Results

Dimensions H x W x D


49” (124 cm) x 23” (58 cm) x 25” (64 cm)

150 lbs (68 kg)

49” (124 cm) x 23” (58 cm) x 25” (64 cm)

177 lbs (80 kg)

49” (124 cm) x 26” (66 cm) x 25” (64 cm)

250 lbs (113 kg)


Amperis Transporters provide a safe and easy way to transport XF series cable fault locating equipment or Savor temporary service restoration equipment. With a minimum of user effort the equipment can be moved to any job site with a truck equipped with a receiver hitch.

Control panel Portable VLF Testing Series AXVPortable VLF Testing Series AXVLoading and VLF Testing Series AXV onto Manual TransporterManual Transporter with Savor

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