Wires Testing Cable and Phase Identification System for energized cables / LCI


The LCI helps in identifying energized electricity distribution power cables.

Mode of operation

The LCI-E transmitter is previously connected to the secondary side of a distribution transformer to identify the medium voltage distribution cable located anywhere between the transformer and its source. The LCI is used on isolated distribution cables. The equipment helps in identifying the right cable before cutting off the voltage prior to an intervention allowing thus to save time and money. It can also help in identifying a three-phase circuit by the identification of one of its conductors. The LCI is composed of two main parts:

A transmitter, which drains electric current at a specific frequency that can only be detected on the cable section between the source and the transmitter's termination point (transformer). Detection is possible on high-load cables.

A detector, which identifies the current that has been drained by the transmitter. The detector uses a magnetic sensor located at the tip of the enclosure and filters out network harmonics.

Wires Testing Cable


  • Efficient technique that eliminates the need for interpretation and all false identifications
  • Current transmission by forced drainage
  • Transmission on live cables
  • Transmission on high-load cables
  • Easy to operate and read
  • Connects to low voltage
  • Easy to connect
  • Safe to use
  • Detection by digital processing
  • High-resolution detection frequencies
  • Filtering out of network frequencies and their harmonics
  • High resolution detection frequencies

Scheme LCI

Wires Testing Cable and Phase Identification System Wires Testing Cable and Phase Identification System for energized cables, specs

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