Cable Reel Systems

Cable Reel Systems

Amperis Cable Reel Systems are available as an accessory to all Amperis impulse fault locators including all integrated arc reflection systems. Amperis cable reels are also compatible with most competitive equipment. Cable reel systems allow back lot access for vehicle-mounted equipment. Each cable reel system comes with a high voltage lead made of RG-8U cable terminated in an MC connector, and a #2 CU ground lead. The ground lead has clamp spots every ten feet to allow the operator to uncoil only as much cable as needed, without any safety hazard from the remaining coiled wire. 120V AC extension reels available as an option.


Cable Reel System


125’ (38m) & 200’ (61m) Lengths Standard. Custom Lengths available

Cable Type

HV Lead - RG-8U Standard, X-Ray Cable Optional Ground - #2 CU


HV Lead – Male MC Connector. HV Return & Ground – Hot Line Clamp

Voltage Rating

Thump to 36kV and 6000 Joules. DC Test to 50kV

Physical Dimensions

36” Tall x 15” Wide x 16” Deep (91 cm x 38 cm x 41 cm) 95 lbs. (43kg) – 125’ (38m) Reel 124 lbs. (56kg) – 200’ (61m) Reel

Cable Reel Systems

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