Cable test equipment

Portable Amperis cable height meter, which allows to know the fall of the cable, the height of the cable and the upper free space. This device uses ultrasonic signals to determine the height of aerial cables up to 23 meters high and is an alternative to telescopic poles.

Amperis cable height meter

The Noisephone II is a solid state amplified listening device. It is designed to be used in conjunction with capacitive discharge impulse fault locators (thumpers) to help in precisely locating underground cable faults.

Solid State Acoustic Detector Noisephone II

The Noisephone I is designed as an aid to locating and pinpointing the thump or discharge at a cable fault caused by capacitive discharge impulse fault locators thumpers

Mechanical Acoustic Detector Noisephone I

Amperis Cable Reel Systems are available as an accessory to all Amperis impulse fault locators including all integrated arc reflection systems

Cable Reel Systems

The Amperis Company has taken the worlds #1 Arc Reflection Cable Fault Locating System, and combined it with the latest in VLF Cable Testing Technology to create the new AXFV Series! The AXFV has the easy to use cable fault locating you have come to rely on, and has seamlessly integrated menu driven VLF Hipot Testing.

Portable VLF Testing & Cable Fault Location Series AXFV

The AXV Series of VLF test equipment is the latest addition to the AMPERIS family of high voltage test equipment, known worldwide as the most reliable high voltage test equipment available. Our advanced design provides you with a rugged, easy to use system that is easily portable to your test site.

Portable VLF (Very Low Frequency) Testing Series AXV

Most compact sectionalizers yet ; Full function radar standard ; Simple two step operation ; High energy for reliable operation.

Compact Sectionalizer AEZRS15 - 1265

Easiest operation of any available equipment ; Up to 7614 joules, some of the largest in industry ; Several options. Truck/Van Mounted ; Features the fastest automatic TDR technology ; Available in monochrome or color

Cable Fault Location AXF TP Series

Solamente encienda, presione el botón verde de inicio cuando se le solicite, y en menos de 60 segundos, la unidad despliega la distancia hacia la falla. Combinación TDR, seccionalizador de alto voltaje, capacitor de golpeo ; Opciones: 16kv / 8 kv, 25kv / 12.5 kv o el nuevo 28kv / 14kv

Portable Cable Fault Location AXF Series

The wire tracer LKZ-700 allows the tracing and location of underground cable up to 2m. deep. Monitoring of the path of the conductors in metal pipes, or monitoring of water or heating pipe installation, are some of the applications of this powerful and useful equipment.

Wire tracer LKZ-700

Wire identification LCI The equipment helps to identify the correct cable before interrupting service, which saves time and money. It also helps to identify a particular phase within a trio of three-phase cables.>