Transformers analyzer AKT-200 CT/PT

Transformers analyzer AKT-200 CT/PT

KT200 is designed for the Protection CT and Metering CT complete test, and partial PT test

Main characteristics

  • Modular design of plug-in architecture for convenient customer site maintenance
  • One-step test determining all parameters (<3 min), Automatic test winding resistance, Excitation, saturation, CT ratio, etc...
  • Automatic assessment to IEC/ANSI standard and integrated report functionality
  • Test CT knee point voltage up to 30KV
  • High ratio measurement up to 50,000:1
  • Compiling of IEC60044-1, IEC60044-6 and ANSI30/45, etc
  • Lightweight, <10Kg
  • Mobility, Accuracy, Safety and Handling
  • “Guessing” Nameplates, determination of unknown CT data


  • Ratio (up to 50000 : 1)
  • Current ratio error and phase error for all measurement points defined in selected standard
  • Winding resistance
  • Excitation/saturation voltage current
  • Secondary burden
  • Saturated inductance (Ls)
  • Unsaturated inductance (Lm)
  • Remanence flux factor (Kr)
  • Secondary time constant (Ts)
  • Accuracy limiting factor (ALF / ALFi)
  • Instrument security factor (FS / FSi)
  • Dimensioning factor according to class PX, TPS (Kx)
  • Accuracy limiting voltage/current according to class PX (Ek / Ie)
  • Turns ratio according to class PX (N)
  • Turns ratio and composite error (εt ,εc)
  • Rated symmetrical short-circuit current factor (Kssc)
  • Transient dimensioning factor (Ktd)
  • Peak instantaneous error (ε^)
  • Maximum emf voltage (Emax - calculated value)
  • Accuracy limiting voltage/current (Val/Ial)
  • Knee-point voltage/current (Vkn / Ikn)
  • The impedance / admittance of CT secondary Load, Like the burdens of various meters, relays, selector switches etc. are measured
  • Data Handling and Reporting
  • Determination of unknown CT data, Older CTs can be classified and put into service without contacting the manufacturer


  • Excellent noise immunity to disturbances from energized power lines close to the measurement
  • Determination of ALF/ALFi and FS/FSi, Ts, and composite error for nominal and connected burden
  • CT ratio and phase measurement with consideration of nominal and connected secondary burden
  • Currents from 1% up to 400 % of the rated value
  • Different burdens (full, , ½, ¼, ⅛ burden)
  • CT winding resistance measurement
  • CT excitation curve (unsaturated and saturated)
  • Saturation characteristic recording
  • Direct comparison of excitation curve to a reference curve
  • CT phase and polarity check
  • Secondary burden measurement
  • Automatic demagnetization of the CT after the test
  • Small and lightweight (< 10 kg)
  • Short testing time due to fully automatic testing
  • High level of safety using patented variable frequency method (max. 120 V)
  • “Nameplate guesser” function for CTs with unknown data
  • PC control interface
  • QuickTest: Manual testing interface
  • Color display readable in bright sunlight
  • Simulation of measured data with different burdens and currents
  • Knee-point voltage from 1 V up to 30 kV can be Measured
  • Automatic assessment according to IEC 60044-1 or IEC 60044-6
  • Automatic assessment for accuracy class > 0.1
  • Measurement of transient behavior of TPS, TPX, TPY and TPZ type CTs
  • PT ratio, polarity and excitation curve according to IEC60044-2

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