SF6 gas recovery unit AGRU-7

SF6 gas recovery unit AGRU-7

We developed the AGRU-7 for our customers who found they needed more storage and recovery capacity than smaller handcart mounted units, but without the bulk and high price of a large skid or trailer mounted unit. The equipment is designed for use in field service of insulated metal clad switchgear, bus ducts and individual circuit breakers. The AGRU-7 SF6 Gas Servicing Cart shall be fully assembled on a two-wheeled heavy-duty handcart, which shall be sufficiently braced to minimize vibration. Handcart will be complete with lifting eye, hose hook and power cable storage.


  • Storage capacity: 156 Kg
  • Vacuum Capacity:
    • 17 m3/h (60Hz – 110V) <1mbar
    • 14 m3/h (50Hz – 220V) <1mbar
  • Evacuate pressure < 0,5 mbar
  • Weight: 350 lbs - 150 Kg
  • Dimensions: 62’’x40’’x58’’ - 1575x1015x1470 mm - (H x W x D)
  • Optional: Electronic weight Scale, Tank heater, SS tubing and hoses


  • Mounted of a convenient hand cart with 16" (400mm) pneumatic tires for ease of movement in gravel switchyard enviroments
  • Very easy to operate - only two valves to switch operating modes
  • High pressure, direct-drive oil-less compressor with 1000:1 compression ratio (capable of 1000psi – 69 bar)
  • Capable of liquid SF6 storage
  • Purifies, dries and filters to 0.1 microns during recovery and re-pressurization
  • Filters are easily changed without disconnecting any tubing or using any special tools
  • Auxiliary connection allows for infinitely expandable storage through use of external tanks
  • Comes complete with 9.8ft / 3m hoses and power cable
  • Colour change moisture indicator to monitor moisture in gas
  • Mounted on a cart with casters and rack for storage up to three SF6 storage bottles. 156 kg


  • Recover and purify SF6
  • Evacuate air and moisture prior to filling
  • Consolidate SF6 cylinders
  • Store SF6 in liquid state in onboard storage or auxiliary bottles
  • Regulated filling of SF6 equipment
  • Purification of SF6 (removes particles, moisture, and SF6 decomposition products)

AGRU-7 Specifications


Portable SF6 Gas Recovery Unit

Physical specifications

58" (1470 mm) Wide x 40" (1015 mm) Deep x 62" (1575 mm) // 350 lbs. (150 kgs.)

Input power

110Vac/60Hz - 220Vac/50Hz - other available configuration (choose it in the order)

SF6 Compressor

Three (3) High Pressure Single Stage Direct Drive Oil-less Compressors capable of producing pressures of 70 bar. Compressor motor 1/2 kW, 3450 rpm. Compressor has metal valve construction. 3.3 m3h-1 displacement.

Suction pressure regulator

One Suction pressure regulator, brass body, 0-2 bar, spring

Equalization circuit

One Equalization circuit, to allow for high-pressure restarts of the compressor

Discharge check valve

Three (3) Discharge check valve, brass, prevents high pressure going back to compressor when performing a low-pressure equalization.


One High efficiency, 4-pass, air-cooled SF6 condenser to aid in liquification of SF6 at higher ambient temperatures.

Discharge pressure

One High discharge pressure switch set to automatically shut unit down when it reaches maximum allowable pressure

Vacuum Pump

Motor: 0,37 kW, 1750 RPM, TEFC electric motor

  • 10 CFM - 17 m3/h (60Hz – 110V)
  • 8.2 CFM – 14 m3/h (50Hz – 220V)

Blank off pressure: 20 microns (0.03 mbar).
Pump also includes: positive antisuckback valve, isolation valve, gas ballast, and automatic oil return system.

Storage Tank

Cylinders secured onto a tray and manifold, in order to store up to 156 kgs. of SF6 in liquid form indefinitely, at ambient temperatures of less than 114ºF (45.5ºC), without the need for refrigeration. The AGRU-7 shall come equipped with an external storage port, to which any SF6 Gas cylinder or tank rated at 4000 kPa minimum) can be attached to allow for unlimited storage of SF6. All storage tanks shall include an isolation valve, and an approved safety relief valve.


(D1) & (D2) – Dryer Pre- Filter & Filter - Contains activated alumina to aid in the drying and purification of SF6 Gas
(P1) - Purification Filter - Contains Molecular Sieve 5X to remove arcing by-products
(F1) - Particulate Filter - Will filter all particulate matter down to 0.1 micron nominal


Designed for pressure, temperature and flow. Bronze body with Teflon seats and seals, quarter turn.

Pressure Gauges

One (4” stainless steel) for equipment pressure (compound)
One (4” stainless steel) for discharge pressure

Vacuum Gauge

0-50 mbar for vacuum system

Pressure Regulator

One Pressure Regulator, Brass body, 0-7 bar spring, to allow for safe regulated filling of SF6 equipment.


Two Permeation Rubber Resistant Hoses: 12 mm I.D. X 4.5 meter. Long, complete with quick disconnect self-sealing end fittings.
Hoses will be suitable for system pressure, temperature and flow.

AGRU-7 - Optional Upgrades and Accessories

Stainless Steel (SS) Tubing

Unit can be supplied with stainless steel tubing replacing the standard copper tubing

Stainless Steel Hoses

Unit can be supplied with stainless steel hoses replacing the standard rubber hoses

Storage Tank

An optional SF6 Cylinder, Size H, 52 kg., CGA 590 valve connection with no check valve, 99.9% dry can be provided. The AGRU-7 has a capacity to hold up to 3 bottles on board to give a total storage capacity of 156 kgs.

Storage Tank Heater

300 W storage tank heater. Heater comes with its own power cable and has a thermostat preset at 125 ºF (52 ºC) and is protected from overheating by a thermal cut-off. The heater maintains an even temperature for a constant positive pressure that speeds up the charging process.

Electronic Weigh Scale

An optional electronic cylinder weighing scale to monitor the filling of the SF6 cylinders. Weigh scale system comes complete with an adjustable maximum weight set point and includes a weighing system and cylinder mounting bracket.

DN-20 Style Quick Connections

Unit can be supply with DN-20 style quick connections on equipment and hoses

Increase Hose Length

Unit can be supply with 6m. hoses instead of 3m.

AGRU-7 – Spare Parts

Filter D-1

Dryer Filter – recommended to change each 50 hours of compressor work

Filter P-1

Purification Filter – recommended to change each 50 hours of compressor work

Filter F-1

Particulate Filter – recommended to change each 50 hours of compressor work

Vacuum Pump Oil

Vacuum pump oil level has to be checked each time you turn it on. Available in two quantities: 946 ml or 3780 ml

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