Switch Analyser SA10

Switch Testing SA10

The SA10 unit is designed to be used together with a notebook computer even if some fundamental test can be done stand-alone. Advantages with the notebook solution are many, versatility, customisability and simplicity. Just carry the notebook computer to your offi ce and set up tests, analyse test results, print test reports etc. Together with the BTS11 software, a notebook computer and a printer this is the most reliable, capable, accurate and easy to use circuit breaker fi eld test equipment available on the market. Experienced enginneers and service personnel have used the SA10 for many years in some of the worlds toughest environments and it is well established on the world market.

Some SA10 features:

  • Built in a small metal carrying case.
  • Fully compatible with our factory line test equipment.
  • No panel switches, just two push buttons Open and Close.
  • Supports both digital and analougue trans ducers.
  • The only fi eld test equipment with a built in micro ohm measuring function. 200A!
  • Possibillity to use the "fi rst trip" analysing method.
  • Weighs only 11,6 kg/26 lb.
  • Automatic measurement of coil and motor current/voltage.

Switch Testing SA10 Switch Testing SA10

Contact Timing.

The contact input modules of SA10 supplies 120 VDC at open contacts and 100 mA at closed. The evaluation logic also distinguishes between a possible preinsertion and the main contact in the same operation. It is also possible to measure the value of the preinsertion resistor with a reference shunt. Timing for both the preinsertion and the main contact is guarantied in any switchyard and at any system voltage.

Number of main contact timing channels: 12(x2) Number of auxiliary contact channels: 6 (The aux inputs can in enviroments with low induction also be used as main contact inputs)

Motion Measurements.

The SA10 supports both analogue and digital tranducers. A wide range of transducer fastenings can also be supplied. Elcon International is the offi cial world wide supplier of transducer fastenings for ABBBreakers. Number of digital transducer inputs: 3 Number of analogue transducer inputs: 3

Coils and Motor.

Automatic measuring of circuit breaker coil and motor current/voltage. Together with an adjustable power unit it is very easy to perform minimum function voltage test on the coils. The SA10 uses 1 analogue channel to measure coil voltage and current and 1 channel to measure motor voltage and current. For the coil 35 A AC/DC is possible for continous measurement, and for the motor 50A AC/DC. However if necessary higher currents will pass for shorter periods.

Static and dynamic resistance.

As the only fi eld test equipment on the market with a built in micro ohm meter it is a complete and versatile unit. It generates 200 ADC and the value is autmatically recorded into the system together with your other measurents. In order to view the breaker pole's exact behavior during an operation the dynamic resistance measurment function offers great diagnostic possibillities.


Standars RS232 comunication is default. However, in order to comply with safety regulations a bluetooth comunication kit is available which allows the user to take his laptop computer and move up to 100m(328ft) away from the test-object.

First trip or online analysis.

In order to fully evaluate the condition of the circuit breaker mechanism, the SA10 provides inputs to test the breaker during an online operation. By doing that you can capture the "First Trip" of a breaker that has been stationary for a long time and by that display how the breaker would perform in an actual fault situation. Both trip and close operations are possible online.

Analog inputs.

All in all the SA10 has 11 analog inputs, however since our intension is to provide you with a test equipment that is user friendly and circuit breaker oriented they have been preset to handle specifi c relevant functions such as coil and motor voltages, currents, analog motion transducers etc. It is of course possible to set most of the inputs to handle other types of related input signals, such as pressure sensors or temprature sensors or any other type of analogue signal that may be relevant.

Switch sync breakers

Upon switching for example capacitor banks, shunt reactors and power transformers it is common to use

System software BTS11

Test program BTS11

For complete testing of the circuit breakers, the analyzing software BTS11 is used. The software is free and delivered together with the SA10. This software is used for Elcons fi eld test equipments as well as factory end test equipments. Data between the two different systems can easily be imported/exported. All updates are free and are distributed from our webpage.

To test circuit breakers in general, is to operate the breaker and check the contact timing. However in factory testing and at fi eld service some other tests are necessary. For fi eld testing these other tests can also be very useful in diagnostics purpose.

Common operation tests, can be done, with result timing diagrams for up to three phases each with one travel curve, up to twelve contact curves and a common coil current curve. All common tests are performed and evaluated according to established industrial standard. A new test, mainly for fi eld diagnostic, is to take dynamic resistance test curves of an operating main contact. A spring tension motor test, with current timing diagram is also Included. One of the main intensions with our software is to allow any level of user to be able to test the circuit breaker. This is done by creating a database of your breaker types and allowing the user to just choose his breaker from that database and by doing that everything(test plan, test reports, parameters etc.) is automatically adjusted to comply with that test. Let's keep it simple

Some BTS11 features:

  • Simple operating control function for all possible tests.
  • Quick test. No settings needed.
  • Possibillity to perform automatic test sequences.
  • Test guides for new tests and test objects.
  • Curve analyzing window with many possibilities and tools.
  • Data analyzing function with limit supervision and possibilities to do compari son with a previous test. (reference characteristics IEC62271-100).
  • Possibility to customize any operation in order to adapt the software to any type of breaker.
  • Statistics analyzing.
  • SQL or Access database with several users and user-levels.
  • Import and export test data.
  • Automatic unit conversion. (ex: kg to lb or mm to inches)
  • Test against function values (measurement limits).
  • Easily set up your own test profile
  • Attach pictures or reference documents to assist the user.

Switch Testing SA10 Switch Testing SA10 Switch Testing SA10

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