Portable Pumback SF6 Gas Analyzer Transdox 6101 SF6

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Portable Pumback SF6 Gas Analyzer Transdox 6101 SF6

The Transdox 6101A SF6 PumpBack is the latest in fully-automatic gas analyzers, designed for controlling and monitoring the quality of SF6 in gas insulated sub-stations and circuit breakers with zero waste and emissions. The analyzer is housed within a rugged IP66 Peli transport case (including wheels and handle) weighing 17kg. A lithium battery gives up to eight hours of operation, making this a truly portable field instrument.
More info about features and operation of a SF6 Gas Analyzer: the Transdox 6101 SF6

Once connected the Transdox automatically samples the gas from the GIS / circuit-breaker, allowing the operator to stand at a safe distance. Up to five measurements can be taken, with the gas stored inside the analyzer before being pumped back automatically. A vacuum purge cycle and gas storage system ensures that no air is allowed to contaminate the gas sample and no SF6 is allowed to escape during the testing period.

The analyzer simultaneously measures SF6, SO2 and H2O content. Using a high-precision infra-red SF6 detector, the analyzer offers exceptional accuracy and stability when measuring the purity of SF6. Additional sensors such as HF, O2, CO, H2S, CF4 & R12 are available. Due to the modular design up to six sensors can be fitted within a single analyzer in order to suit a variety of customer requirements.

SF6 gas pressure in the internal sample compartment is recorded and logged by the analyzer. All measured gases are analyzed and data-logged simultaneously and just a few minutes are required to achieve a stable analysis. A powerful 10 bar compressor with a separate lithium battery power supply then returns the gas to the compartment, or the gas can be stored internally for recycling at a later time.

Incorporating a 7” (18cm) full color touch screen interface with soft menu keys and a thermal printer for permanent record keeping, the Transdox is easy to operate and configure. The analyzer is fully compliant with all current IEC and CIGRE test configurations and offers the facility to create custom tests. All data is permanently logged. The test location / user name is fully editable using an alphanumeric key-pad. Data is MS Excel formatted and can be downloaded via a USB memory stick. A 2m armored sampling hose with sealed fittings is supplied and is fully compatible with.


  • Fully automatic SF6 testing of GIS & circuit breakers
  • Zero waste and emissions testing of SF6 purity
  • Lithium battery powered 8-hour operation
  • SF6, SO2 and H2O (dew-point) measured as standard
  • Up to 3 other gas sensors available (HF, O2, CO, H2S, CF4 & R12)
  • Up to five separate tests performed with the gas sample stored internally
  • Housed in a rugged IP66 Peli transport case. Total weight: 17kg
  • Thermal printer fitted as standard
  • 7” (18cm) full colour LCD display with touch screen operation
  • Compatible with IEC & CIGRE test standards for fast operation
  • Full data-logging and MS Excel compatible data download onto memory stick
  • Multi-Language (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin)
  • Password protection feature
  • Supplied with a 2m armored sampling hose with DILO compatible fittings


  • Controlling SF6 quality in switches, bus bars and circuit breakers in Gas Insulated Substations (GIS)
  • Checking for the buildup of corrosive decomposition products such as SO2 present in the SF6
  • Measuring the moisture content of SF6 gas by using a dew-point analyzer
  • Applying a condition based maintenance program (CBM) to extend the life cycle of the SF6
  • Detecting the presence of leaks and SF6 discharge
  • Indication of arcing and breakdown through the buildup of corrosive by-products

Specifications Transdox 6101 SF6

Technical Data: Analyzer


90-260Vac, 50/60Hz

Analyzer dimensions

L:560mm x W:450mm x D:270mm


17 kg (Total instrument and case)


7” (18cm) full colour LCD display with touch screen operation

Warm up time

3-4 minutes at 20°C

Operating temperature

-20°C to 55°C

Gas Sampling

Up to 5 samples taken before internal reservoir is full


Up to 10 bar with up to 25 cycles per battery charge

Pressure Range

3.5-10 bar; displayed on-screen


2 Li-ion batteries in excess of 8 hours with 4-6 hour charge time.

Data Output

Excel compatible data via USB memory stick. 4GB internal data storage allowing for approximately 1 year of continuous monitoring.


Integrated thermal printer.

Sample connections

2m Steel braided pressure tested hose, all fittings closed connector.

Technical Data: Sensor

SF6 Sensor

Infra-Red 0-100%; ± 0.5% FS accuracy; Resolution 0.1%

H2O Sensor

-65°C to +20°Cdp; ± 2°Cdp accuracy of reading*; Resolution 0.1°Cdp

SO2 Sensor

Electrochemical Cell 0-100ppm or 0-500ppm; ± 2% FS accuracy; Resolution 0.1ppm

Life expectancy

2-3 years: SO2; >5 years: SF6 & H2O

Measurement time

3-5 minutes


SF6 and SO2 user selectable cal gas values. H2O sensor factory fixed

* Minimum accurate reading possible with this sensor is -60°Cdp. Sensor will respond from wet to dry in approximately three minutes.

For more information:

Features and operation of a SF6 Gas Analyzer: the Transdox 6101 SF6

Portable Pumback SF6 Gas Analyzer Transdox 6101 SF6Case Portable Pumback SF6 Gas Analyzer Transdox 6101 SF6

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