Switchgear PULD 40


The PULD-40 is an ultrasonic detector designed for corona and arcing inspections for predictive maintenance in electric utilities. Corona effect occurs when electricity is discharges into the surrounding atmosphere form a high voltage source. Corona effects and electrical arcs in the air emit ultrasounds. The role of the PULD-40 consists of capturing emitted ultrasounds and of translating them into the audible range. This equipment is perfect for high voltage maintenance program.

Detection of Electrical Arcs and Corona Effects

Electrical arcs in the air and corona effects emit sounds and ultrasounds. The role of the PULD-40 consists of capturing emitted ultrasounds and of translating them into the audible range. The PULD-40 accurately pinpoints and identifies corona effects and arcs that may be encountered on any type of high voltage installation simply by scanning around the suspected area. The PULD sensor is positioned in a directional amplifier cone that is integrated in the front of the enclosure. An external parabolic sensor, which enables the user to pinpoint electrical defects from a longer distance, is also available. It easily connects on the side of the PULD and what's more, it is equipped with a laser pointing device which enables pinpointing the ultrasound emission source. The dismountable parabolic antenna and the small dimensions of the PULD facilitate its use in the field and allow access to any type of installations.


Insulation flaws are an important factor in wear, efficiency loss and lifespan reduction of an electrical network. Nowadays, it is important to be equipped with good tools in order to reduce operational costs and save valuable time. The PULD-40 enables making remote acoustic inspections with great accuracy. The equipment is user friendly and does not necessitate any training whatsoever. One of the advantages of the PULD-40 is that it works just as well in noisy environments. The applications of the PULD-40 are countless and make it a global leak detection tool: a must for any prevention/maintenance department.

Main Applications

  • Electrical Inspections: corona effect localization, arcs on shields.
  • General Mechanical Inspections: motors, compressors, gears, bearing monitoring.
  • Gas, air, pressure leaks, leak detection without pressure or vacuum.
  • Aerospace Sector: airplane doors and windows, air tightness.
PULD 40 - Details
Switchgear PULD 40
Switchgear PULD 40 PULD 40 measurement
[PULD 40] [PULD 40 measurement]
PULD 40 details
[PULD 40 details]
PULD 40 - Details
Switchgear PULD 40 I/O Switchgear PULD 40 sensor
[PULD 40 I/O] [PULD 40 sensor]
PULD 40 Use
PULD 40 Use
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