Partial Discharge Meter APD-LT

Partial Discharge Meter APD-LT

The APD-LT is a meter for partial discharges in cable accessories such as (heads, bushings or insulators) in order to improve safety and maintenance. The DP level is presented numerically in the wireless unit.

The equipment consists of a remote screen that provides a value in dB measured by the sensor (0-65 dB). The APD-LT indicates the intensity of the DP. The reading is an indication of simple intensity level proportional to the probability of the presence of faults in the tested medium voltage device.

Failures in insulation are an important factor in the degradation and reduction of the useful life of a medium voltage component that can be critical. These failures translate into economic risks. It is therefore important that an electric company has an efficient, fast and accessible tool to check the quality and health of its electrical network. Market demands on electric companies are transferred to their contractors, who must meet the highest requirements of quality in your work. Like the electricity company they work for, the subcontractor that has tools that allow them to control and certify the quality of their work will become a more attractive and reliable option.


  • Compact, lightweight and easy to use with a pole.
  • Sensors of high capacitive sensitivity for wireless measurements.
  • Increase security by its mode of use.

Detector de descargas parciales   Medidor de descargas parciales en cable

Equipo DP en cables

Operators performing measurements of partial discharges with Amperis APD-LT equipment, an ultra-light and portable equipment.


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