Oscilloscope WaveRider 100

WaveRider 100

Oscilloscope WaveRider 100

  • The handheld oscilloscope WaveRider 100 is an all-purpose instrument that combines the functions of a traditional oscilloscope, a multimeter, and a wave recorder.
  • The WaveRider 100 oscilloscope will allow you to work without any other measuring equipment in most applications.
  • The operation of the oscilloscope is easy and intuitive thanks to the menus that are displayed on the screen.
  • It is a multimeter with true effective value, resistance measurements, continuity, and diode tests. It receives its supply through a 10:1 ratio voltage probe for high frequency measurements.
  • Weighing only 700 g, it is one of the lightest hand held oscilloscopes on the market; additionally, its rechargeable lithium batteries give it great mobility


  • The WaveRider 100 oscilloscope allows the use of a screen cursor for amplitude and time measurements.
  • Up to 10 adjustment configurations can be recorded, and they can be recovered at any time.
  • It also allows for the recording of up to 6 waveforms which can be used as reference when needed.
  • The TRIGGER feature allows for the recording of transient or non-seasonal events.
  • The SMOOTHING feature eliminates noise.
  • Back flap: use of the oscilloscope on a table or on floor.

Oscilloscope WaveRider 100


Type: LCD monochrome
Size 60×80 mm (4")
Resolution: 320×240 pixels
Contrast: adjustable
Feedback: yes
Oscilloscope features  
Configuration memories: 10
Reference waveforms: 6
Able to invert polarity: yes, for each channel
Measurement with cursors: yes, time and voltage
Noise eliminating feature: yes
Band width: 20 MHz
Maximum sampling speed in real time: 100 Msa/s
Equivalent sampling speed: 100 Msa/s
Channels and digitalizers: 2
Time base range: 10 ns/div ~ 5 s/div
Graphic presicion in times: ≤±(0.01% + 1 pixel)
Voltage range: 5 mV/div ~ 20 V/div
Graphic precision in voltage: ≤±(5% + 1 pixel)
Event recording:  
Types of triggers: Automatic, simple, and normal
Trigger flank: positive or negative
Trigger sensitivity: ½ cuadrant
Registry longitude: 1 kB per channel
Surge recording: 17.5 ns (typical)
Input impedance: 1 MΩ ± 2%//20 pF
Attenuation coefficient with probe: 1×, 10×
Maximum input voltage: 300 V (surge value with 10x probe)
Time delay in the channels: ≤ 300 ps
Channel insulation: 100:1
Two-channel multimeter: Voltage, period, surge-surge voltage, frequency, effective value
Voltage probe  
Input impedance: 1 MΩ ± 2%// 85pF~115 pF
Band width: DC~5MHz
Input voltage: <150 V DC
Compensation range:  ---
Environmental specifications
Operating temperature: 0ºC~+40ºC
Storage temperature: -20ºC~+60ºC
Refrigeration: natural convection
Humidity Under +40ºC: ≤ 90% relative humidity
  From +40ºC to +50ºC: ≤ 60% relative humidity
Operating altitude: ≤3.000 m
Storage altitude: ≤15.000 m
Dimension information  
Size 222×114×50 mm (length×width×height)
Weight 0.7 kg (with packaging <1 kg)
Included accessories  
Lithium batteries (installed)
AC/DC adaptor  
Voltage probes (1 pair)
Test cables for the multimeter feature (1 pair, red and black)
User manual  


Screen of the oscilloscope prepared for measuring with cursor

Note 1: except as otherwise noted, the specifications are for the WaveRider 100 with the 10×1 probe

Note2: all specifications are guaranteed except where it says typical