Ohmmeters and meters PDRM-10A

Ohmmeters and meters PDRM-10A

The PDRM-10A micro-ohmmeter can be used to measure very low resistances which vary from 0,01µΩ to 200Ω. This is the most accurate on the market in its category.
The PDRM-10A is suitable for both in-plant maintenance and field. Resistance measurements are calculated automatically. This equipment has become the number one choice for industries, products engineers and manufacturers. Recognized as the most accurate and easy to use on the market, the PDRM-10A is shock resistant and suitable for many applications.


  • Quality control of smelting parts
  • Control of mechanical joints and of joints welded at high voltage
  • Control of exothermic joints (Cadweld®)
  • Control of electrodes for aluminum plants
  • Inspection of contacts, circuit breakers and power fuses

Advantages of the DRM-10A

  • Much lighter and handier than other equipment in its category
  • Shock resistant, it is suitable for all types of applications: work site or laboratory
  • Its back-lighting liquid crystal display (LCD) enables it to be used in dark areas
  • Weak current injection for applications that require small measurement contacts
  • A variety of probes adapted to types of specific measurements such as the inspection of exothermal welds. (Cadweld®), are available as options


The DRM-10A uses a four-pin resistance measurement system which consists of injecting a current with two cables connected at each end of the joint to be tested. Then, the cables are installed which allow reading the tension on each side of the part to be tested in order to measure the resistance. This eliminates any uncertainty linked to resistance of the contacts. The instrument is equipped with a microprocessor which eliminates gaps and parasite voltages. Thanks to its unique filtering system, the DRM-10A can be used in spite of the presence of intense magnetic fields.

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