Syngas Analyzer Transdox 5100B

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Syngas Analyzer Transdox 5100B

The Transdox 5100B Syngas (coal-gas) Analyzer is the latest portable gas analyzer designed for controlling and monitoring syngas & gasification atmospheres in a wide range of applications. The analyzer is housed in a rugged IP66 Pelicase with eight-hour lithium battery & weighing 7.5kg, making this a truly portable field instrument.

The analyzer simultaneously measures methane, carbon dioxide & carbon monoxide using precision infra-red detectors, oxygen with a long-life electrochemical sensor, and hydrogen using a TCD sensor. The sensors are specifically designed and calibrated for use in syngas, to avoid any cross interference effects. The modular design means virtually any combination of sensors is possible.

Using an internal sample pump, the five gases are analyzed and data-logged simultaneously and just a few minutes are required to get a stable reading. Safety is ensured by the incorporation of a flash back arrestor in the gas measuring circuit.

Incorporating a 7” full colour touch screen interface with soft menu keys and a thermal printer for permanent record keeping the Transdox is easy to operate both in permanent or sampling modes. All data is permanently logged for review at a later date. Data can be downloaded via a USB memory stick and is MS Excel formatted.

The analyzer is supplied with a sampling hose and probe fitted with particle and water traps to ensure only clean gas enters the measurement chamber. Everything required fits neatly inside the Peli-case for convenient operation.


  • Portable battery powered CH4 - CO2 – CO - O2 - H2 gas analyzer
  • Lithium Ion battery with 8-hour operation
  • High precision infra-red gas detector for CH4 - CO2 – CO analysis
  • Long-life electrochemical O2 sensor fitted
  • Thermal Conductivity H2 sensor fitted with full cross-sensitivity correction
  • Permanent or Sampling modes available
  • Housed in a rugged IP66 Peli-case
  • Thermal printer fitted as standard
  • 7” full colour LCD display with touch screen operation
  • Full data-logging and Excel compatible data download onto memory stick
  • Multi-Language (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin)
  • Password protection feature
  • Supplied with a sampling hose & probe with moisture trap and particle filter
  • Safety protected with flash-back arrestor
  • Modular design allows bespoke sensor combinations on request


  • Analysis and monitoring of syngas and gasification atmospheres
  • Industrial process gas monitoring
  • Pre-cleaned gases from a blast furnace
  • Heat treatment gases
  • Hydrogen cooling gas generators
  • CDM Projects (Clean Development Mechanism)

Specifications Transdox 5100B Syngas

Technical Data: Analyzer


90-260Vac, 50/60Hz

Analyzer dimensions

480mm x 360mm x 180mm


7.5 kg


7” full colour LCD display with touch screen operation

Warm up time

3-4 minutes at 20°C

Operating temperature

-10°C to 40°C

Sample pump

0-1 litre per minute

Battery Life

In excess of 8 hours with 4-6 hour charge time

Data Output

Excel compatible data via USB memory stick


Thermal printer: output of results on demand

Sample connections

6mm OD / 4mm ID Rectus / style closed coupled fittings

Technical Data: Sensor

CH4 Sensor*

Infra-red 0-5% (LEL) or 0-100%; ± 1% FS accuracy; Resolution 0.1%

CO Sensor*

Infra-red 0-2%,0-10% or 0-100%; ± 1% FS accuracy; Resolution 0.1%

CO2 Sensor*

Infra-red 0-5000ppm, 0.5%, 0-10%, 0-20%, 0-30% or 0-100%; ± 1% FS accuracy; Resolution 0.1%

O2 Sensor

Electrochemical cell 0-100%; ± 1% FS accuracy; Resolution 0.01%

H2 Sensor*

TCD sensor with background gas correction; ± 1% FS accuracy; Resolution 0.1%

Life expectancy

>5 years for CH4 , CO and CO2; 3-5 years for O2 and H2

Measurement time

Approx 2 mins


Zero and span calibration with two user-selectable gases

*Ranges should be selected at time of order

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