Gas analyzers

The Amperis SF6 leak detector uses an innovative absorption infrared detection cell, extremely sensitive to SF6.

The SF6 leak detector maintains sensitivity for a long time with reliable performance.

Leak detector SF6 Amperis

The Transdox 3100E analyzer allows accurate oxygen analysis over the range 0 to 100% O2 in steps of 0.01%. Ranges of CO&CO2 concentrations from ppm up to 100% for Transdox 3100EA and Transdox 3100EB (range specified by the customer at the time of ordering), in steps of 0.01%. Ranges of CO2 0-5% & CO 0-10% for Transdox 3100EAB.

O2 gas analyzer Transdox 3100E O2

The Transdox 5100A is the latest portable gas analyzer designed for controlling and monitoring biogas in a wide range of applications. The analyzer is housed in a rugged IP66 Peli-case with eight-hour lithium battery & weighing 7kg, making this a truly portable field instrument

Portable Biogas Analyzer Transdox 5100A