Ligth Meter ALXP-1

Ligth Meter ALXP-1

The digital light meter is a precision instrument used to measure luminance (Lux, footcandle) in the field. It meets CIE photopic spectral response. It is fully cosine corrected for the angular incidence of light. The luminance meter is compact and easy to handle according to its construction. The light sensitive component used in the meter is a very stable, long-life silicon photo diode and spectral response filter.


  • High accuracy and quick time response
  • DATA-HOLD function.
  • Internal memory built-in.
  • High sampling rate and quick reaction for changes of luminance
  • Auto power off.
  • Display 3¾ digits.

The most important features of ALXP-1 are:

  • Light-measuring levels ranging form 0,1Lx…0,1klx (0,01FC…0,01kfc)
  • High accuracy and quick time response
  • DATA-HOLD function for holding measured values
  • Automatic zeroing
  • Correction factor does not to be manually calculated for non-standard light sources
  • High sampling rate and quick reaction for changes of luminance
  • PEAK-HOLD function for tracing the peak signal of light pulse with least duration 10 µs and keep it.
  • Auto power off (15 minutes) or disable Auto power off
  • Maximum and mínimum measurement
  • Relative reading
  • Easy to read large backlit display
  • USB output connect with PC
  • Four measuring ranges
  • Memory of 99 measurement results
  • Data logger for more than 16000 results

Luminance measumerent


Spectral accuracy


400,0 Lx
40,00 FC

Función f1’

±(3% m.v. + 0,5% f.s.)
(<10,000 Lx)

±(4% m.v. + 10 digits)
(>10,000 Lx)

4000 Lx
400,0 FC

40,00 kLx
4000 FC

400,0 kLx
40,00 kFC

ATENTION: 1FC=10,76Lx; 1kLx=1000Lx; 1kFC=1000FC

“f.s.” means “full scale”

“m.v..” means “measured value”

Spectral sensitivity characteristic

The applied photo diode with filters makes that spectral sensitivity characteristic is well suited to the requirements of the C.I.E. curve (INTERCIONAL COMMISSION ON ILLUMINATION). Photo curve V (λ) as the following chart decribed.

Optional accesories

“FOTON” software for making protocols after measurement according to EN12464

ALXP-1 Specifications

Other technical data:


3¾ digits, LCD with high speed 40 segment bargraph

Over range indication

0L displayed



Spectral response

CIE photopic (CIE human eye response curve)

Cosine response (f2’)


Sampling rate

1,3 times/sec

Power supply

Battery 9V

Photo detector

One silicon photo diode and spectral response filter

Photo detector lead length

aprox. 150cm

Photo detector dimensions

115 × 60 × 20mm

Meter dimensions

170 × 80 ×40mm



Rated operational conditions:

Operating temperatura and humidity

0...40°C – RH  0% to 80%

Storage temperatura and humidity

-10...50°C – RH  0% to 70%

Standard accesories

  • Battery 9V (1 pcs.)
  • USB transmission cable
  • CD with software “Light Meter” for measurement configuration
  • Operating manual
  • Calibration certificate issued by calibration laboratory (Warranty: 2 years)
  • Carrying case

Optional accesories

  • Software for protocols “FOTON”
Spectral sensitivity characteristic“FOTON” software for making protocols after measurement according to EN12464Using Ligth Meter ALXP-1

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