CoroCAM 8

CoroCAM 8 Corona Camera

This model of the family of corona-effect cameras is the most advanced on the market. It combines a high specification visible camera, an infrared camera and an ultraviolet camera. The great advantage is the possibility of performing a thermal and ultraviolet inspection simultaneously with the consequent benefit in the form of savings (in time and effort).

This camera provides the inspector with more information about the cause of the fault, jointly locating partial discharges and hot spots (it is designed to be used by professional high voltage inspectors). The coroCAM 8 records still images and video in high quality formats.

Manual or automatic focus for the visible and infrared channel, for the ultraviolet channel focus is manual (or can be synchronized with the visible or infrared channel). As far as the zoom is synchronized in the 3 channels of the camera (being the infrared and the ultraviolet digital, and the visible zoom is optically enlarged).


General characteristics

  • Detects ultraviolet C emissions up to 2.05 x 10-18 W / cm2
  • The FLIR 9Hz radiometric infrared camera with a sensitivity of NEdT.
  • LCD backlit LCD screen with brightness control, variable color and wide angle. All the relevant information is displayed on the screen.
  • Recording of still images and on-board video in high-quality formats.
  • A fixed-angle focusable viewer with 800 × 600 pixel resolution.
  • Ultraviolet integration and overlay control.
  • Quick start configuration.
  • Easy one-hand operation, rotating handle, multifunction keypad with quick access keys.
  • Integrated GPS, Ethernet and USB port, laser pointer and LED flashlight.
  • Recording camera settings and measuring environmental variables:

o Distance.
o Temperature and air pressure.
o Environmental humidity.
o Wind speed.

  • Software update via USB card.

cámara efecto corona

Camara efecto corona Amperis infrarroja y ultravioleta

IR camera

The CoroCAM 8 allows simultaneous thermal and ultraviolet inspections.


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