Amperis Battery Simulator & Charger Tester

Amperis Battery Simulator & Charger Tester

Testing the functionality and performance of forklift battery chargers has always been a problematic task for service technicians. In order to test the basic functionality of a charger, at least one real battery must be available. This may be a problem if the techincian has to test chargers while all the forklifts are in service.

Moreover, using a battery it's impossible to test the complete charging curve of the charger rapidly, and it's problematic to adjust the charger settings and verify all the functionalities under different operating conditions.

This unit is an electronic load, designed to test battery chargers of any type, voltage and power. This unique equipment simulates the behaviour of a battery during the charge process, and it gives to the technician the opportunity to perform complete tests safely, rapidly and accurately.

This device eliminates the need of connecting a battery to the charger to be tested; it's very simple and flexible. Moreover, it can be used discharge batteries and for other purposes.

The front panel of the unitcontains these devices:

  • Digital voltmeter
  • Analog ammeter
  • Voltage selection knob (12-24-36-48-72-80 V)
  • Voltage fine adjustment potentiometer
  • Current limit potentiometer (0-150A)
  • High frequency IGBT electronic load, featuring constant current / constant voltage operation.
  • Rugged construction for maximum reliability in heavy duty industrial applications.
  • Compact and portable design. Wheels for easy moving.
  • Intelligent electronic protection system (includes soft start, overtemperature, overload protection).
  • Programmable digital board, controlled by microprocessor.
  • Can be used to test chargers of any type, voltage and current. Can be used to discharge batteries of any type, voltage and capacity.
  • Digital voltmeter display + Analog ammeter
  • CE certified. cCSAus Listed.

This is the typical sequence of operation, when using the unit to test a charger.

The user sets the voltage of the battery to be simulated, using the apposite knob and potentiometer, while the digital display shows the actual value. A separate potentiometer is available to set the maximum current that the unit will absorb.

The user connects the charger to be tested to the input of the unit. The charger control board will detect that a battery has been connected and will start the charge process;

  • The unit keeps the voltage constant to the selected value, while the analog ammeter measures the current given by the charger. If the current tends to exceed the maximum programmed value, the unit will increase the voltage in order to limit it.
  • The user can modify the voltage and current freely, in order to simulate the behaviour of a battery under charge. It's possible to trace the real charging curve of the charger in one minute.
    • Special features, for maximum reliability and flexibility.
    • Autotest of the power electronic circuits at power-on, with automatic safety stop in case of component failures.
    • T emperature protection of all the power electronic components and resistor bank: in case of internal overtemperature (e.g.: blocked fans, air passages obstructed) the unit is set automatically in stand-by mode.
    • D ouble cabinet, for maximum thermal insulation: during the operation, the external part of the cabinet remains cold (max temperature rise <10°C).
    • H eavy duty wheels, with ball bearings, metal frame, covered with rubber.

Product specifications

Standard voltage Voltage range: 85-135 or 180-250 Vac
Max power: 250 Watts
50/60 Hz
Standard version Battery voltage: 12-80 V Maximum current: 150 A
External dimensions 325 x 630 x 570(h) mm
Enclosure 2 mm steel.
Four wheels kit for easy moving.
Cooling Forced ventilation
Battery Simulator & Charger Tester  - SchemeConnection clamps 350 A (Optional) 60€. (Pack 2 units: red, black)

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