Battery condition analyzer ABT-301

Battery Condition Analyzer ABT-301

The ABT-301 battery condition analyzer is a very effective and economical battery management device for testing the internal resistance (or conductance) of the battery and voltage. This tester allows you to eliminate weak batteries to guarantee the performance of your battery systems.

The equipment is capable of accurately measuring valve-regulated lead-acid batteries (VLRA type), lead-air batteries (VLA) and Ni-Cd batteries, which are the typical batteries in the main batteries critical energy systems.

This battery tester is used in many areas as service providers, operation equipment and battery measurement to guarantee the integrity of power in telecommunications networks, data centers, energy services, maintenance of forklifts, etc.



  • Equipment to measure both the internal resistance and conductance of the batteries (2 in 1).
  • Wide test range up to 6000 Ah for individual lead-acid or nickel-cadmium battery (up to 16V)
  • It offers a precise field measurement to identify the health of the battery.
  • Measurement in seconds (fast and consistent)
  • Internal test of resistance or conductance (adopts CA signal)
  • Touch screen and keyboard (easy to use)
  • Large storage (memory for more than 100,000 cells) has universal USB Micro for data export and also load the tester.
  • Software to manage the battery information from PC to print reports.
  • The battery works8-12 hours


Application Compatibility:


  • Telecommunications and communication
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  • Systems of transmission and distribution of public services (medical attention, education or finance)
  • Maintenance of forklift batteries
  • Refinery, mining and offshore platform

Data View software provides intelligent solutions for data analysis, battery condition monitoring and print reporting.

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