Battery chargers

Amperis presents the BAC25A portable battery charger, a universal, versatile and adjustable device. It provides a fast charge with a voltage range of 10 to 300VDC and a current range up to 25A. This equipment is used to charge batteries that serve as backup power source.

Portable battery charger

The Amperis Industrial Battery Regeneration System allows you to regenerate your battery, which is a very profitable practice since you save on the purchase of new batteries, reduce the energy bill and eliminate the costs of technical incidents and extraordinary maintenance.

Amperis Battery Regenerator

The MMF-ASR charger is a rectifier system that combines the versatility of the MMF charger (universal, programmable and digitally controlled charger) with the benefits of the ASR rectifier (designed to power critical loads in DC or to charge any type of battery). It can work with batteries of any kind and support applications.


Microprocessor based battery charger, rugged and compact construction

Automatic battery charger ARD

ADBR series is a double branch rectifier particularly suitable when Pb flooded batteries and NiCd are required and to ensure, at the same time, a tolerance of the output voltage within +/-1% with output voltage 110 or 220Vdc up to 500A.

Double branch rectifier ADBR

Using different types of connections and operating criteria, can fulfil any request while ensuring high system efficiency.

Digital rectifiers battery charger - ACSP

Customer can choose cabinet solution or open frame. Quality and performance are the best in the market. AC/DC converter is realized in swap module. This solution greatly improves MTTR in a few minutes.

Rectifier / Battery charger ASBR-I

ASBR - III series is a single branch rectifier AMPERIS supplies continuous DC load:

ASBR - III rectifiers are composed with an open solution rectifier totally independent installed inside in a cabinet.

Battery Charger / rectifier ASBR-III

AMPERIS 3926C could be used individually to reflect battery status or used together with AMPERIS´s other battery test equipment’s like battery charger and DC load bank. For different battery systems, it has customized configuration from 12V to 480V or upper. And it has easy expansion for all UPS systems.

Battery Monitoring System

The ACH modules are battery charging power supplies featuring an input isolation transformer and IGBT chopper regulation with work frequency of 28 KHz for output voltage stabilization.

Cargadores / Rectificadores de Baterías Serie ACH

This Amperis´ Battery monitoring Solution is an integrated battery Monitor, Controller and Data-logger, designed to be installed on batteries of any type, voltage and capacity. It measures and logs all relevant operating parameters of the battery and it communicates in real time through CANBUS, PWM or RS-232 interfaces, allowing a complete integration with the vehicle Control System, the Charger and other accessories.

Amperis battery monitor

The HF is a high frequency battery charger, with threephase AC input voltage, suitable for on-board or off-board installation, and capable of charging Lead-Acid or Gel batteries.

The HF is a high frequency battery charger, with threephase AC input voltage

We have performed a useful guide to help you find the battery charger you need. In addition, we make a comparison of the various battery chargers.

Guide to choosing a battery charger. Comparison chart

The SMF-PulseMix2 is a revolutionary traction battery charger, designed for conventional and opportunity charging applications. It is based on a new power conversion technology, featuring an unprecedented combination of very high efficiency, unity power factor (PFC), programing flexibility and precise charge control.

Traction battery charger Amperis SMF

The MHF is a revolutionary traction battery charger, designed for conventional, opportunity and rapid charging applications. It is based on a new hybrid power conversion technology, featuring an unprecedented combination of very high efficiency, unity power factor (PFC), universal capabilities and precise charge control.

Universal battery charger Amperis MHF

The MMF is a universal battery charger, digitally controlled and programmable. It can operate with batteries of any type, from individual cells to complete packs, and it can be programmed to support applications of any type (Formation, Conditioning, Recovery, Desulphation and Regeneration). Etc...


The high-frequency battery chargers AECF-3 are designed to charge batteries in the range of 12-160V. A variety of charging algorithms are available, making the AECF-3 chargers suitable to recharge batteries of any type, in motive and stand-by applications, including Lithium-ion packs of the last generation. These chargers can operate in fully automatic, standalone mode, or they can be interfaced with with BMS modules of different types, including the Amperis BKS System, through PWM or CANBUS interface.

High Frequency Battery Chargers AECF-3