Insulation Resistance Meter MIC-3

  • Insulation resistance measurement:
    - the measurement voltage is selected 250 V, 500 V lub 1000 V,
    - on-line insulation resistance measurement,
    - automatic discharge of tested object’s capacitance after measurement of insulation resistance,
    - acoustic determination of 5 seconds time intervals that facilitates to take time characteristics during insulation resistance measurement,
    - indicator of the actual test voltage value during a measurement,
    - protection against live objects.
  • Measurement of continuity of equipotential bondings and protective conductors:
    - current measurement ≥ 200mA with resolution 0,01Ω,
    - autozeroing test leads.
  • Low voltage resistance measurement in range 0...400Ω:
    - current measurement 10mA with resolution 0,1Ω,
    - quick acoustic signalling (beeper) for circuit resistance below 10Ω.
  • AC/DC voltage measurement in range 0...600V:
    -  automatic detection AC/DC voltage.
  • Autoranging.
  • „AUTO-OFF” function.
  • Meter meets the requirements of the standard EN 61557.

Electric security:
- type of insulation: double, according to  EN 61010-1 and IEC 61557
- measurement category: CAT III 300V acc. to EN 61010-1
- protection class acc. to EN 60529: IP40

Other technical data:
- power supply:     batteries LR6 (AA) (2 pcs.) or accumulators (AA) (2 pcs.)
- auto power OFF:    120 seconds
- Frequency of measurements for RISO function:    about 3 measurements/second
- number of RISO measurements (with Panasonic POWERMAX 3 batteries): min. 1500
- number of RCONT measurements (with Panasonic POWERMAX 3 batteries): min. 5000
- dimensions: 230 x 67 x 35 mm
- weight: approx. 300 g
- display: LCD, 4 digits 14mm high

Rated operational conditions:
- operating temperature: 0...+40°C
- storage temperature: -20...+60°C
- reference temperature: +23 ± 2°C

Insulation resistance measurement
maximum converter’s current 1,2mA
Measurement range: IEC 61557-2:
for UN=250V: 250kΩ...1000MΩ
for UN=500V: 500kΩ...1999MΩ
for UN=1000V: 1MΩ...3GΩ

Voltage Range Resolution Accuracy

250 V

0..1999kΩ 1kΩ

±(3% m.v. + 8 digits)

2,00..19,99MΩ 0,01MΩ
20,0..199,9MΩ 0,1MΩ
200..1000MΩ 1MΩ

500 V

0..1999kΩ 1kΩ
2,00..19,99MΩ 0,01MΩ
20,0..199,9MΩ 0,1MΩ
200..1999MΩ 1MΩ

1000 V

0..1999kΩ 1kΩ
2,00..19,99MΩ 0,01MΩ
20,0..199,9MΩ 0,1MΩ
200..1999MΩ 1MΩ
2,00..3,00GΩ 0,01GΩ ±(4% m.v. + 6 digits)

Notice: For value of insulation resistance below RISOmin
(250Ω for 250V, 500Ω for 500V, 1kΩ for 1000V) the accuracy is not specified
because the meter operates with the limitation of the converter current


Resistance measurement of protective and compensating connections

Range Resolution Accuracy
0,00..19,99Ω 0,01Ω ±(2% m.v. + 3 digits)
20,0..199,9Ω 0,1Ω

• max. voltage on the open terminals: 5V
• current with the closed terminals > 200mA

Low-voltage resistance measurement

Range Resolution Accuracy
0,0..199,9Ω 0,1Ω ±(2% m.v. + 3 digits)
200..399Ω ±(4% m.v. + 3 digits)

• sound signal for resistances lower than about 10Ω
• max. voltage on the open terminals – 5V
• max. current on the closed terminals – 10mA

Voltage measurement

DC voltage

Range Resolution Accuracy
0..600V 1V ±(3% m.v. + 2 digits)

AC voltage 45...65 Hz (sinusoidal shape with harmonic contents < 2%)

Range Resolution Accuracy
0..600V 1V ±(3% m.v. + 2 digits)

  „m.v.” - measured value.

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