Infrared camera for SF6 Gas Detection TC706

Infrared camera for SF6 Gas Detection TC706

The TC706 visualizes and pinpoints gas leaks of SF6, without the need to de-energize high-voltage equipment or shut down the operation. The portable camera also greatly improves operator safety, by detecting emissions at a safe distance, and helps to protect the environment by tracing leaks of environmentally harmful gase.

SF6 is used in the electric power industry as an insulator and quenching medium for gas-insulates substatios and circuit breakers.

TC706 – Great choice for Gas Leaks Detection

Could detect following gases:

  • SF6
  • Chlorine dioxide
  • Ethylene
  • Ammonia
  • Acetic acid
  • MEK
  • Cyanoacrylate
  • FREON-12

TC706 Unique Feature:

  • Adapt passive thermal imaging technology, could accurately find the leakage point at long distance without power supply shutdown
  • Using Cooled QWIP detector, enjoy superior image quality and accurate temperature measurement
  • Voice and video recording function
  • HD OLED view finder, combined with 5” touch rotating screen, suitable for many on-site using
  • No specific background and auxiliary light needed, suitable for many on-site checking
  • Small size, light weight and easy operation, suitable for single person on-site using

Oration example:


Technical parameters



Detector characteristics

Detector type

Cooled QWIP

Array size/format


Image manage

Field of view/min focus distance

14,5°×10,8°/0,5m or 24ºx18º/0,3m

Detection threshold

1 cubic centimeters per minute at 1 m (visible during daylight, crearly visible during the night at no wind conditions)

Thermal sensitivity


Frame rate

60 images per second


Auto / Manual / Motorize


1-4x electronic zoom


Image analysis tools


PC software with the most popular thermal analysis tools: isotherm, histogram, area, line, spot. .


1,3 million CMOS

Image display

View finder

HD 0,6” color OLED, with zoom


HD 5” color digital touch screen, 800x600


Temperature ranges



±2℃ or ±2% of reading, whichever is greater

Measurement correction



Up to 10 movable spots. Up to 5 movable areas (maximum, minimum and average temperatures). Up to 2 movable lines. Line profile. Isotherm. Temperature difference. Alarm (voice, color)

Image control

Color pallete

11 pallettes changeable (Iron, Rainbow, Grey and Grey inverted, etc)

Image adjustment

Auto/Manual adjustment of contrast and brightness


Date/time, temperature unit ºC/ºK/F, language

Emissivity correction

Variable from 0.01 to 1.0

Background temp adjustment

Auto, according to the background temp

Atmospheric transmission correction

Automatic correction according to user input object distance, humidity and temperature

Image Save

Storage Card

8G SD card, storage > 6000

Storage Mode

Manual/automatic single-frame image storage, continuous visible, infrared video recording

IR image

Single frame

JPEG, 14 bit thermal image with measurement data


MPEG-4 or 14 bit thermal image with measurement data

Visual image

Single frame




Voice annotation

40s., saved together with the image

Image improvement

Averaging (S2, S4, S8, S16), spatial filter

Laser pointer

Power supply

Second level, 1mW/635nm(red)

Power supply

Battery type

Li-Ion, rechargeable 

Battery operating time

3 hours continuous operation

Charging system

Intelligent charger or power supply adaptor online charge

Power system

Power saving


External power

10 – 15 V DC


Working temp

-15 ℃ - +50 ℃


≤ 90% non-condensing



Physical characteristics


3 Kg




External DC Input


Audio output


Video output


USB 2.0

Image, measurement data and voice transfer to PC

Download software

Using Infrared camera for SF6 Gas Detection TC706Leak detection Infrared camera for SF6 Gas Detection TC706Example image leak detection Infrared camera for SF6 Gas Detection TC706Hand shank and view finder could rotate simultaneouslyHand shank and view finder could rotate simultaneously, easy for observation

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