High performance utility billing meters NEXUS 1272

High performance utility billing meters NEXUS 1272

Nexus1272 Performance Meter with Advanced Power Quality & Communication

Nexus1262 Economical Meter with Advanced Communication

  • 0.06% Watt/Hr Revenue Meter
  • Auto-Calibrating Metrology
  • Multi-Point CT & PT and Loss Compensation
  • Advanced Power Quality Recording
  • Eight Totalizing Registers
  • Data Logging & Event Recording
  • Unique Powerful Display Configurator
  • Multiple Communication Paths
  • Combination Modem & Ethernet

For Smart Grid and Intelligent Substation Applications

The Nexus 1262/1272 meters are designed for demanding smart grid and intelligent substation applications. They provide one of the most profound analyses of electricity available in a socket meter. The units offer extensive advanced monitoring features to meet the most critical power monitoring requirements. Using advanced DSP technology, the Nexus' measure immediate and stored revenue power data coupled with superior power quality and communication. To meet the sophisticated standards required by utility companies and de-regulated power providers, the Nexus' basic package starts where most other meters end. Standard features in Nexus units provide the ability to meet advanced metering needs for the future.

Accu-Measure™ Auto-calibrating metrology

  • EIG's Accu-Measure™ Auto-Calibrating Metrology provides unmatched accuracy.
  • Energy and Power Accuracy to Within 0.06%
  • Auto-calibration over Time
  • Automatic Temperature Drift Adjustments

4 Quadrant measurement

The unit is a full four quadrant meter and gathers hour data information in every quadrant.

  • kWh Delivered and Received
  • kVAh in Each Quadrant
  • kVARh in Each Quadrant
  • Q Hours

Time of Use

The 1262/1272 offers robust time of use functionality. Standard capabilities include:

  • 8 TOU Schedules
  • 4 Seasons/Year
  • 20 Year Calendar
  • Prior Month and Prior Season
  • Programmable Freeze Registers

Transformer or Line Loss Compensation

Loss Compensation adjusts for both copper and iron losses with a simple user setup.

Field Test Mode

  • Test All Energy Readings
  • Enable/Disable in Test Mode
  • Preset Accumulators
  • Freezable Accumulators

Load Aggregation/Universal Metering

Using standard pulse inputs, the Nexus 1262/1272 can count pulses from external meters and accumulate usage. The pulse inputs can be used to totalize electrical usage and utility values, such as water or gas use data.

  • 8 Pulse Inputs
  • Individual Accumulating Registers
  • 4 Totalizing Registers (Add or Subtract)

CT & PT Compensation

The Nexus units compensate for errors in current transformers and potential transformers.

  • Voltage Compensation
  • Multipoint Current Compensation
  • Multipoint Phase Angle Compensation
  • Better than 0.01% Resolution

Multiple Demand Windows

The Nexus 1262/1272 simultaneously monitors five demand structures.

  • Block Window Demand
  • Rolling Window Demand
  • Predictive Demand
  • Thermal Demand
  • Cumulative Demand
  • Interval Length from 1 Second to Many Hours
  • End of Interval Pulse Output
  • End of Interval Pulse Input
  • Cold Load Pickup

Time Stamped Max. Demands

The units gather demand information for all power values. Each value is date/time stamped.

  • kW Demand, Delivered & Received, Max/Min
  • kVAR Demand, Delivered & Received, Max/Min
  • kVAR Coincident with kW Demand
  • kVA Demand, Max/Min
  • Amps Demand, Max/Min
  • Voltage, Max/Min

Unique Display Configurator

The Nexus 1262/1272 is designed with one of the industry's most advanced LCD display configuration technologies. With this highly customizable display, choose from multitudes of pre-programmed display screens and create fully customized displays for any specific application. Build, from scratch, user display screens as needed that provide information on anything the meter measures (which is almost everything). Use the display to view not only electrical, but water or gas usage. Also use the meter as an aggregator for total usage. Provide ambient and transformer temperature or any other desired critical operational data on the display.

3 Display Modes/75 Screen Slots

The meter's memory has 75 slots for custom and/or pre-programmed screens. These slots can be allocated to any view mode with any number of slots used in each of the modes.

Custom display configurator to Create Exactly What's Needed

  • Make Custom Screens Based on Modbus Registers
  • Make Any Custom Labels
  • Customize Screen Numbering and Order
  • Display Up To 5 Pieces of Information Per Screen
  • Display Water, Gas and Other Types of Usage
  • Add Diagnostic Information

Normal Mode

  • kWh Delivered and Received
  • kVARh Delivered and Received
  • kVAh Delivered and Received
  • Peak Rolling Window Demands
  • Peak Block Window Demand

Time of Use Mode

  • kWh and kW Demand Delivered and Received Total
  • kVARh and kVAR Demand Delivered and Received for Each Register
  • kVAh Delivered and Received for Each Register
  • kVAh Delivered and Received Total

Pre-configured Diagnostic Screens

Select from a large offering of diagnostic screens such as:

  • Voltages
  • Phase Angles
  • Harmonic Magnitudes
  • Firmware Versions
  • Meter Status
  • Phasor Diagram
  • Per Phase Amps
  • Watts/VARs
  • Many More Diagnostic Screens Available

Infrared Test Pulse

The meter provides an infrared test pulse that can pulse for +Watt-Hour, -Watt-Hour, +VAR-Hour, -VAR-Hour and VA-Hour. This pulse uses a time modulated pulse integration, allowing the pulse to be accurate during short duration pulse tests using industry accepted reference standards.

Standard multi-port Communications

  • Optical Port
  • 2 RS485 Serial Ports
  • Modbus RTU/ASCII
  • DNP 3.0
  • Speeds Up to 115k bps

Optional Communications

  • Dial-Out modem (56k) with Battery Backed Outage Reporting
  • Ethernet 100BaseT
  • Ethernet/Modem combo

Combination Modem & Web Solution

This option allows you to access the meter through the web and through a modem for dial-up communication. Features include:

  • 56k Modem
  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet
  • Total Web Solutions (Web Server)
  • Email on Alarm
  • Does Not Support Battery for Outage Reporting

Standard I/O

  • IRIG-B 1 msec Time Synchronization to GPS Satellite Clock
  • 4 Internal KYZ Pulse Outputs
  • 8 KYZ Pulse/Status Inputs

Optional External I/O

Connect multiple external I/O Modules for enhanced I/O capability.

  • Analog Outputs
  • Analog Inputs
  • Digital Status Inputs
  • KYZ Outputs
  • Relay/Alarm Outputs

Control Capabilities

  • ElectroLogic™ Provides User-definable Control Outputs
  • Action and/or Alarm on Abnormal Condition
  • Action on Boolean Logic Combinations of Inputs or Electrical Conditions

DNP 3.0 Level 2 Plus

The Nexus 1262/1272 provides the industry's most advanced DNP 3.0 protocol implementations. DNP 3.0 is available on the serial and Ethernet ports. EIG's Nexus 1262/1272 complies with all DNP Level 1 and Level 2 certification requirements PLUS a host of additional features including:

  • Up to 136 Measurements: 64 Binary Inputs, 8 Binary Counters, 64 Analog Inputs Mapped to DNP Static Points in the Customizable DNP Point Map
  • Up to 16 Relays and 8 Resets Can Be Controlled through DNP
  • Report-By-Exception Processing (DNP Events) Deadbands Can Be Set on a Per-point Basis
  • 250 Events in Combinations of Four Events: Binary Input Change, Frozen Counter, Counter Change, Analog Change
  • Freeze Commands: Freeze, Freeze/No-Ack, Freeze with Time, Freeze with Time/No-Ack, scheduled Freeze Command
  • Freeze with Time Command: Enables the Nexus Meter to Have Internal Time-driven Frozen Counter and Frozen Counter Event data
  • Third Party Certification is Available

Total Web Solutions— Providing Advanced Metering Data Integration With the Web

Total Web Solutions is an advanced Ethernet communication architecture allowing you to design custom webpages, display metering data and host your meter power information website directly on a Nexus meter. The Nexus meter directly hosts the web data without any need for dedicated server software, ActiveX Controls or Java Applets. The meter does the data collection, the formatting and the page hosting.

Advanced Features Include:

  • Fully Customizable
  • Webpage Development
  • Direct Webpage Hosting With Live Readings
  • Multiple Meter Hosting
  • Read Direct From Meters (No Server Software Needed)
  • No Active Controls or Java Downloads
  • IT Dept Friendly. Works Through Firewalls; Low-Cost/High Functionality
  • Instant Alarm Emails – Direct from the Meter

WebExplorer (Directly Host Metering Data)

EIG's WebExplorer provides you with direct access to all power data through Internet Explorer in standard HTML format, without needing to download ActiveX controls or Java applets. WebExplorer is fully programmable, so you can customize your own SCADA quality webpages, graphics and configurations.

(Directly Host Metering Data)

  • Easily Incorporated Into Any Existing Web Applications
  • Fully Programmable Webpage Generator
  • Brings in Direct XML Links, Displaying Many Meters on One Page


Creates Real Time Data in XML Format. WebXML allows the Nexus meter to gather data from the Nexus Host or through other meters and put the data directly into an XML format. This allows you to share data through the web with multiple applications and create custom webpages, using WebExplorer.

WebXML technology is easy to configure and extremely flexible. With WebXML, your data is instantly available to a host of software applications including Internet Explorer, Excel, Power Point and Word.

  • Automatically Process and Present Data In Readable XML Format
  • Add Scale Factors, Multipliers or Other Desired html Capability
  • Display Data From Host Meter and/or Any Other Meter Using Modbus RTU or TCP/IP (WebReacher)
  • Customized Programming
  • Easily Viewed By Different Applications
  • Modbus Data Concentrator


dial out
[Dial Out ] [Logic Dial-Out]
[Visual Alarm] [Dial-In Server Capabilities]


With EIG's exclusive WebReacher technology, you can now access remote meters around the world, retrieve data and consolidate it onto one webpage or website without any separate software SCADA package or client-side ActiveX controls or Java applets.

  • No Additional Software Application Costs
  • No Server System Required
  • No Complex Integration
  • No Costly Point Charges (Up to 32 Devices)


WebAlarm – Email Alerts

EIG's WebAlarm sends real time email alerts via the Internet to up to 9 recipients simultaneously for any combination of event notifications.

  • Real Time Alerts
  • Simultaneous Emails to Multiple Recipients
  • Update Users on Virtually Any Abnormality
  • Uses Standard SMTP — Just Assign Email Addresses
  • Shows the Last 10 Emails on Website for Later Investigation
  • webalarm


Using this feature, you can gain access to the meter speaking native DNP over Ethernet. This allows the unit to open an exclusive network socket for DNP 3.0. Using this unique technology, all other meter web features are available simultaneously. Even with DNP 3.0 over the Ethernet, you still have access to multiple Modbus sockets, email alarms, web servers and many other communication features.


(Open Architecture 3rd Party Integration) The 10/100BaseT design allows the unit to speak with 12 simultaneous sockets of Modbus TCP. EIG's WebMod features Modbus TCP open protocol that can be easily integrated with most other software or hardware. And, with the built-in Modbus data concentrator, you can poll up to 8 devices or 512 unique polling items from any device that can speak Modbus RTU and/or Modbus TCP protocols. webmod

The processing capability and accuracy of the Nexus 1272 makes it possible to gather power quality information with unmatched precision. The Nexus 1272 is ideally suited for application on all critical loads. From health care to micro-electronics, the 1272 has what it takes to capture every anomaly. This insures that when there is a power problem, you have the information required to act. All Power Quality logs are time stamped to the nearest millisecond to insure accurate recording. Nexus' Advanced Download Logic collects only new data to minimize download times.

Event/Out of Limit Log

  • Records 1024 Events
  • Out of Limit Recording
  • High-Speed Input Event Recording
  • Outage Detection
  • Extensive Limit Setting Capabilities with Multiple Limits per Selected Quantity

Waveform Log

The waveform recording capability of the Nexus is unparalleled by any meter. Waveform records of this quality have historically been reserved only for transmission lines. The power of the Nexus 1272 now makes this quality available to your critical customers.

  • Extraordinary Resolution through 16 bit A/D Input
  • Sample Rates from 16 to 512 Samples per Cycle
  • Total Recording Times over 100 Seconds
  • Up to Six Channels
  • Voltage and Current Triggers
  • External Event Trigger
  • Voltage Surge/Sag Recording
  • Current Fault Analysis
Waveform Log
Waveform Log Waveform Log
[Waveform Log] [Waveform Log]

Harmonic Distortion Analysis

  • Log Harmonics into Historical Log for Later Analysis
  • Recorded Waveforms Provide Harmonics to the 255th Order
  • View Waveform Record
Harmonic Distortion Analysis
Harmonic Distortion Analysis Harmonic Distortion Analysis
[Harmonic Distortion Analysis] [Harmonic Distortion Analysis]



The separate CBEMA/ITIC Log captures all voltage transients that fall outside these standards. The onboard log holds 1024 events. The data is downloaded to a separate log in the meter database for easy analysis. See all voltage disturbances on one screen through the Communicator EXT software.

  • Sag/Swell Analysis
  • Transient Recording


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