Current Monitors ABCM Series of Boom

Current Monitors ABCM Series of Boom

The ABCM-44 and ABCM-44B are state of the art current monitors designed for continuous operation during bare-hand work. The ABCM has an adjustable set point (5 presets also available on ABCM-44B) between 1 and 400 microamperes AC or DC. A 90-dB horn sounds an audible warning if this current set point is ever exceeded during use.

The ABCM-44 and ABCM-44B are extremely rugged and dependable current monitors. Designed for operation a variety of weather conditions, the ABCM provides the security needed for bare-hand live-line work.

Additional Features of the ABCM 44B:

  • 1. Meter accuracy check using the internal precision current source
  • 2. Metering of test circuit for boom metering bands
  • 3. Metering of test circuit for hoses
  • 4. Metering of test circuit for leveling rods or fiber optics
  • 5. Total test including the sum of all three circuits
  • 6. Display variable set point
  • 7. Check the continuity of each input circuit
  • 8. Continuity check of each input circuit.
  • Rugged, Dependable Design
  • Automatic Safety Check forgrounded test cables



Display Type

Liquid crystal display w/ heater Digits are 0.75 inches (2 cm)


0-400 microamperes AC or DC 1 microampere resolution

Voltage Drop

Less than 0.5 volts full scale

Measurement System

True RMS within 1% of full scale (400uA) +/- 2 LSD

Set point(s)

Adjustable from 5 to 400 microamperes with a front panel mounted dial

Controls allow selection of five presets (27, 40, 66, 133, 289 microamperes) or dial adjustable position variable from 5 to 400 microamperes.

Set point Accuracy

Within two counts

Audible Alarm

Internal 90dB vibrating horn sounds when current exceeds set point, or when measuring lead is accidentally grounded

Power Requirements

12 or 24 volts D.C., negative ground, draws 0.3 A (0.5 A @ 24V) with horn sounding and 0.06 A under normal operation.


Precision die-cast aluminum case 4.72” (12cm) x 8.66” (22cm) x 3.14” (8cm) with external mounting brackets


5 Lbs. (2.3kg)

Input for test

UHF coaxial connector

7 pin Amphenol receptacle with cap

Input for Power

Flange mounted 3 pin Amphenol receptacle with cap

Test Cable

30’ (9.1m) shielded coaxial cable provided

4’ (1.2m) shielded six conductor cable provided

Power Cable

4’ (1.2m) three conductor cable provided

Note: Daily use of this monitor does not eliminate the need to perform periodic over-voltage tests on aerial lift devices. The absolute minimum recommended over-voltage test should be a DC test of 2.1 times the line to ground exposure or an AC test of 1.5 times the line to ground exposure.

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