Power meters

The APQM-711 power quality analyzer is aimed at users who need to control the power quality with a mobile device that complies with the IEC 61000 standards for Class A. This equipment allows measurement, analysis and recording of network parameters of 50 / 60 Hz and the wave quality diagnosis according to the European standard EN 50160.

Power quality meter

This APQM-707 electrical quality analyzer is a high-tech, high-precision product that measures the quality of electrical power in accordance with EN 50160 and allows universal measurement, analysis and recording of electrical network parameters. 50/60 Hz. The analyzer fully complies with the requirements of PN-EN 61000-4-30: 2011 class S.

Electrical quality analyzer

The Nexus 1450 is a powerful state-of-the-art power meter that offers high-precision electrical power measurements and records waveforms. This equipment allows to measure the quality of energy and determine the reliability of electric power.

Energy quality meter Nexus 1450

The ABCM-44 and ABCM-44B are state of the art current monitors designed for continuous operation during bare-hand work. The ABCM has an adjustable set point (5 presets also available on ABCM-44B) between 1 and 400 microamperes AC or DC

Current Monitors ABCM Series of Boom

SHARK 200 - Revenue Grade with Advanced I/O and Power Quality. Simple Multifunction Meter: V-Switch™ Key 1. Historical Data-logging: V-Switch™ Key 2. Advanced Power Quality Waveform. Recorder: V-Switch™ Keys 5 or 6. Etc.

Multifunction power and energy meter SHARK 200

The power dips analyzer NEXUS 1500 transient recorder and power quality meter incorporates advanced communications. Perfect for management and monitoring of energy and power in critical applications: Transmission and distribution substations, generation, highly critical industries, hospitals, diagnostic centers, etc.



Transient recorder and power meter Nexus 1500

The Nexus 1272 is a power meter with an accuracy of 0.06% in kWh, it has an estimated life of 20 years and is an advanced power quality recorder. It maintains accuracy up to 70°C (the computer auto-calibrates with every 5ºC temperature variation) and is the equipment with the best communication possibilities on the market: MODEM, Ethernet, 2 RS 485 ports and automatic data display on an easily customizable website.

High performance utility billing meters NEXUS 1272

NEXUS 1252 – Power quality analyzer and waveform recorder. Analysis of flicker harmonic and interharmonic measurement. Extensive possibilities for communication protocols, Ethernet, fiber optics, modem, RS-485, etc.

Advanced Performance Smart Power Meter - NEXUS 1252

The PDA 1252 is a portable power quality analyzer designed for indoor and outdoor use. The equipment is a portable electrical network analyzer and is ideal for monitoring load, transformer banks, analysis and audits of electrical variables and power quality indoors or outdoors. The PDA 1252 is built in its own shipping container and uses special outdoor connectors for the connection of voltage and current points

Portable Power Quality Analyzer PDA-1252

Shark S 100 is a network analyzer with meter function with Ethernet communication ability via WI-FI, which makes it ideal as a partial meter in commercial, institutional and industrial buildings, and shopping malls.

Electronic Submeters with WiFi Ethernet Capability

The Shark 100 is a product leader in the industry as a network analyzer and power meter. Certified for accuracy class 0.2, it is the easiest equipment to use and install on the market.

Multifunction power and energy meter SHARK 100

Amperis has a wide range of network analyzers, the most advanced market in accuracy, and connectivity.

Network analyzers range Nexus have the technology AccuMesure, which ensures stable accuracy to 70 °C, which is bound (for ranges Nexus, Shark), a 4 year warranty, which is still unmatched in the industry of electrical measurement.

The Shark 100 is a network analyzer with power meter accuracy class has variants, the Shark 100T: one version transducer only or the Shark 100 S, with communication via wireless ethernet (but also with RJ 45) making it indicated on a meter for commercial, institutional, industrial and commercial centers.

The Shark 100 is also notable for its easy connections. If you do not find what you need please contact us, it is more than likely to know him a solution.