Battery charger BAC25A

Portable battery charger

The BAC25A battery charger is a universal and portable charger. This equipment can be used to charge lead-acid and Ni-Cd batteries. The charger provides a safe regulation of the charging process, so it gets a fast recharge with low risk of overload (generates a current of up to 25A).


The BAC25A battery charger is designed to charge much faster than conventional chargers, designed to recharge a battery right after the discharge quickly. In the control panel there is a screen where the relevant information of the load is displayed, and also allows to adjust the charging time, the charging current, etc. It has thermal protection, overcurrent and overvoltage or low voltage


The typical application is to charge batteries that serve as backup power source in substations, power plants, UPS battery, etc.






  • Lightweight, only weighs 10 kg
  • Maximum power: up to 2.7 Kw
  • Voltage range: from 10 to 300 V DC
  • Current range: up to 25 A DC
  • Resolution of current measurement: 0.1A and voltage 0.1V
  • Adjustable alarm and stop parameters to avoid excessive loading


Available modes of loading:

IUU: constant current + constant voltage
UU: constant voltage + constant voltage with current limit

Front panel of the battery charger:


1. From this LCD screen the information of the state of charge and the values of I and V are displayed

2. The keyboard is used to operate the charger

3. LEDs that indicate the status

4. This is the connector of the temperature probe PT100, for the measurement of room temperature

5. USB for connection to the computer

6. This terminal is used to activate the external over voltage alarm

7. This terminal is used to activate the low voltage alarm

8. Terminals to connect the I and V detection cables



  • The typical application is to charge batteries that serve as backup power source in:
  • Energy plants
  • Generator excitation systems
  • Substations
  • Protection and control systems
  • UPS battery chains



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