Battery discharger review


Just like the battery simulator tests the operating system of the battery, Battery Discharger does the efficiency testing and analysis. Batteries of any voltage, type or capacity are tested as per the efficiency parameter. This equipment is programmed to discharge a battery with a constant amount of current which can be adjusted from 0 to maximum rated value while maintaining control on battery. It is simple to use and does not need any formal training for usage. Its operation is completely automatic.

Battery Discharging Process

While the battery is being discharged, the control board calculates the total capacity in ampere hours discharged from the battery. So, when the battery voltage reaches the minimum or the maximum programmed value, the batter discharger automatically shuts down, measured parameters being available to the user. The programming of the battery discharger test requires less than 2 minutes.

Amperis High-frequency IGBT regulator, featuring constant current discharge of the battery

This high definition product by amperis has absolutely quality features when it comes to delivering utility and maximum output. It is a microprocessor controlled device which bears along a Programmable digital board. This Compact and easily portable discharger has some of the following main features:

  • CE certified UL / CSA certified ISO9000 Quality control compliance
  • Provides Rugged construction for maximum reliability in heavy-duty industrial applications
  • Comes in Standard models for battery voltages up to 400 V
  • Also in Single units with parallel adjustable design, for unlimited total discharge current
  • Runs on Intelligent Electronic Protection System (EPS) (includes soft start, battery polarity reversal and over temperature)
  • Can operate with batteries of any type
  • Digital display (battery voltage and current, time, capacity discharged, programmed values)
  • Based on Integrated DataLogger, PC interface (RS-232 or USB)
  • Dedicated PC software TrendCOM for Data Acquisition and Analysis, automatic generation of test reports, the export capability to external spreadsheets (MS Excel, Openoffice Calc, etc...).

Types of Battery dischargers (Amperis)

Battery Resistance Tester APBT 3915
Regular maintenance and test is a “must-have” procedure for standby batteries.


Amperis AC Load Bank - Battery Discharger

The best AC load banks - batteries dischargers for testing UPS, AC supplies.
Avoid wet stacking and fouling of diesel engines.


Battery Tester CA6630

  • Checks batteries easily, safely and quickly,
  • Performs preventive maintenance.
  • Measures the internal resistance (accurate 4-wire method) and the open circuit voltage (simultaneous display),
  • Adaptable to all types of batteries.

Battery Discharger

  • Automatic Battery analyzer and a discharger to test the efficiency of industrial batteries of any type, voltage or capacity.
  • Computer programming can be done to discharge batteries constantly while maintaining control on voltage.


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