Multivoltage battery chargers AMVC

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Multivoltage battery charger Amperis AMVC

High frequency IGBT regulator, featuring high power factor, high efficiency, virtually no output ripple and very fast transient response.

technical specifications

  • Rugged construction for maximum reliability in heavy duty industrial applications.
  • Wide input voltage range available Standard models cover European and North American values.
  • Wide power range available
    • Standard models from 1 to 36 kW
    • Output voltages up to 600 Vdc
    • Output currents up to 600 Amps
  • Intelligent electronic protection system (includes soft start, battery polarity reversal, output short circuit and overtemperature).
  • Charging curve IUa.
  • Digital timer, programmable up to 99h59m, with steps of one minute.
  • Wide selection of analog and digital instruments to be included in the front panel: voltmeters, ammeters, timers, potentiometers, status LEDs.
  • CE, UL and CSA certified ISO9002-94 Quality control compliant


Standard voltage

380 +/-15% 3 phases 50/60 Hz

Efficiency at full load

>90 %

Power factor





2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 24, 36, 48, 72, 80, 96 Vdc Selectable by knob.


50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 600 Amps Adjustable by potentiometer.


Static: <1% for simultaneous variations of input voltage (+/-15%) and load (100%) Dynamic: +/-2% for 10%-100% and 100%-10% load variation, settling time <100 msec

Output ripple

< 1% Standard at low frequency < 1% Standard at switching frequency Additional filtering for zero ripple requirements are available.



Battery polarity reversal

If the battery is connected with reverse polarity, the AMVC remains in stand-by mode and the output fuse doesn't burn.

Output short circuit

The AMVC can work continuously at constant current with the outputs in short circuit. If a short circuit occurs during full power operation, the current spike is limited to no more than 125% of the maximum rated current of the unit, then the AMVC will recover the control of the current to the programmed value.


A thermal sensor protects the electronic components of the AMVC. Optional probe for battery overtemperature protection.

Sparks on battery connection

If the battery is connected while the AMVC is off, no sparks and/or flames will be generated at the connectors.

Self-test at startup

Every time the AMVC is powered, an automatic self-test of the power electronics and the control boards is performed in less than 10 seconds. In case of fault, the power supply remains in stand-by mode. Optional relais for remote fault signaling.



External dimensions

Box A: 500 x 380 x 700(h) mm output power less than 3 kW Box B: 500 x 440 x 900(h) mm output power between 3 kW and 16 kW Box M: 630 x 500 x 1050(h) mm output power between 16 kW and 36 kW Box K: 800 x 600 x 1800(h) mm custom projects


2 mm steel. Hinged front access door. Optional wheels kit for easy moving.


Forced ventilation Optional electronic control for the forced ventilation: for applications where the charger remains continuously in service at a small fraction of the rated power (e.g.: stand-by batteries), the forced ventilation is switched on only when it's necessary.


Output metering

Standard: analog voltmeter and ammeter Optional: digital voltmeter and ammeter, with programmable minimum and maximum alarms

Output control configurations

A) Fixed output voltage and current limit (both adjustable by internal potentiometers) B) Adjustable output voltage and current limit by external potentiometers C) Up to 12 output voltages, selectable by external knob and adjustable current limit by external potentiometer (Standard Version AMVC) D) Interface for remote control of output voltage and current (0-10 V analog signal)


A) No timer B) Mechanical timer 0-24 hours C) Digital timer 0-99 hours

LEDs on front panel

Stand-by/Auto-test (yellow) In service (green) Thermal protection (red) Reverse polarity protection (red) Low output voltage (only with digital voltmeter) High output voltage (only with digital voltmeter) Low output current (only with digital ammeter) High output current (only with digital ammeter)

Available options

Audible alarms Remote voltage sensing terminals Remote shutdown terminals Distribution panel Instruments for AC input metering Ground fault alarms Digital board for programmable charge curve (version ACBC) Digital board for Ampère-hour (Ah) metering Special cabinets with separate compartments for batteries Separate outputs for battery and loads, with contactors for low voltage load disconnect

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